Bringing Art to Business

Why should all screens be black? 

oneFrame is an online platform allowing the public and private sector to expose art digitally from oneFrame's wide portfolio in any display within their facilities

Unique curated portfolio

"great Art, great people, great stories"

In oneFrame art portfolio you will find several works of international artists, performing in different styles of visual art, as well as, their story, inspirations, videos and other exclusive content.   


We only select upcoming and developing artists, who combine talent with high artistic potential.  

Our portfolio is not available in any other digital platforms.

Display Art

in any screen

that will allow you to in user-friendly way expose the artwork you choosed from the portfolio. Your mobile phone will be the key that will transform your business surrounding and bring everyone around in a artistic immersion. 

Learn the story behind

Promote cultural development across the whole organization.

Stimulate and inspire culture and art for your people. With oneFrame, your clients, visitors or employees can learn more about the artwork that you expose, creating a different and intriguing aspect to their surrounding and your company.

Captura de ecrã 2019-07-19, às 12.10.04.

Mohamed Zaza


Who you expose is who you contribute to.

As a business or public entity you will support the artists you chose. We share our revenues proportionally with the artists based on the time of exposure of their work within your display(s).



We deliver democratized visibility and fair remuneration for our artists.  

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Julie Susset


oneFrame scouts and works together with artist of high potential, various stylistics and of international atittude. 

At oneFrame, the goal is to promote and develop the cultural sector. oneFrame does this by two things:

 by offering a broader & international audience to our artist

- sharing our income as a fair monetary benefit for our artists

An alternative revenue source for artists