"My journey didn’t start like other artists"

Julie Susset

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My journey didn’t start like other artists. As they usually go into art school, I didn’t. I started the normal school journey everyone has at a regular high school. After that I started studying international commerce with a program where I switched between Bordeaux, London and Brussels, with various international trips. Even though I had an international diploma and was bilingual French-English, I decided to devote my life to creativity and settled down in Paris. As cinematography was already a passion of mine, I quickly started within that environment to communicate and promote independent movies internationally. It’s by that time I started spending a lot of my free time as an artist discovering my potential. I immediately felt the need to satisfy the urge my creative hands were asking of me. Although, I felt I had a good place at this cinematographical business I took the risk to devote my life to artistic creations. Now, it has been seven years I consider myself to be a professional artist.

I paint the way I live. I’m a very vivid, spontaneous and instinctive person. Plans and rules are not really made for me. I’m not a rebel but I live the way life gives it to me. I act on the moment and I usually don’t plan for the future.

I tend to start painting with a feeling, emotion or memory. It’s just a starting point and from there it can go anyway. As, mentioned before I act on the moment. My day, the weather and/or the surrounding music I use all have a part to play in the work that stands before you. Painting is a way for me to translate what I feel and hear in the music in to a fluid dance of “brush” strokes. For me a painting isn’t an act that consists of several steps. I rather see it as a whole defined by what is driving and surrounding me in that particular point in time. All my equipment and materials are ready before I start and usually in big quantities (*laughs*). I believe it’s something that differentiates me from my fellow visual artists. I mentioned brush strokes, but I almost always use my hand and forearms to be able to let my body translates the feeling and impulses I have into to shapes and patterns I wish to reflect

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