Some of the frequently asked questions

Is oneFrame only a digital portfolio? Not only! On top of our exclusive portfolio we are also a tech company. We developed a technology that allows to easy expose art on a digital screen.


What is in it for the artists? We provide a high quality platform for the artists to share their work and their stories, gain notoriety and receive a monetary compensation based on the time their works were exposed.


Why do you have a detailed artist page of only one of the artists? The content about the artists and their work is mostly exclusive and its only available to those that reached it through the image identification feature in our app. It's an exclusive feature for our clients.


Where can I download your app? It is not public yet, we are currently in a testing phase, however by requesting more info on our home page, we will provide you with all the news and we will inform you as soon as it's ready.


How many artists are you planning to have in your portfolio? Our portfolio consists of upcoming and developing artists. As you can expect it’s difficult to estimate who we’ll meet and what artists we’ll find. However, we hope to have 150 artworks by the end of the year.


Which screens are suitable for your service? Any screen with a Wifi connection or a USB slot.


Which is the price of your product? Our pricing can be very different depending on business size and amounts of screens that will be connected, however since our goal is to promote culture and our artists, our pricing is really accessible for any kind of business.